Sport, a natural anti-stress

As the exams approach, it is not uncommon for stress to increase. Loss of sleep, concentration, accumulation of fatigue, nervousness…. to reduce pressure, sport is a very effective remedy. Provided it is adapted to our personality. Explanations and demonstrations with Nordine Attab, our sports coach.

In order to fight against the daily stress due to work, transport, family rhythm or during a specific period, during exams, it is necessary to choose your sporting practice according to your temperament.

It may also be advisable to discuss this with your doctor, go to DoctorAnyTime to find a doctor in your city.

Sport: a good way to fight stress

Breathing exercises are certainly very good tools to reduce stress, but practising a sporting activity will also help to regulate stress. To do this, a few rules must be respected.

Your sporting activity should allow you to disconnect completely. For that, you must turn off your cell phone and avoid being accompanied by a suffocating”friend”. You must also orient your practice according to your personality (calm or explosive).

Breathing exercises

Lie on your back to relax. For one minute, count the number of breathing cycles. Once this number is reached, place one hand on your stomach, then inhale for three seconds, block your breathing for three seconds and exhale for three seconds.

Then do the same exercise over five seconds. Finally, for one minute, count the number of breathing cycles again. Compared to the number obtained during the first test, the second test will allow you to obtain a number divided by two minimum.

Sports activities adapted to calm people

If you are a calm person, you will need to focus your practice on communication and concentration. Team sports are appropriate sports practices. On the other hand, practices such as swimming, cycling or running should be avoided. Because during your practice, you will be led to think about your problems. Squash, boxing…. are also made for you.

For those who would like to set a lunchtime session, crossfit sessions are also ideal for relieving stress while consuming calories. The effort is sustained, intense, and the concentration necessary to achieve the movements allows you to forget the causes of your tension.

Sports practices adapted to explosive people

If you are an explosive person, your practice will have to be channelling, based on endurance. The exercises imposing gestural control and relaxation also seem to be appropriate. Think about practices such as golf and yoga. The mountain bike is an excellent compromise between physical and technical demands. These different sports practices will allow you to refocus and manage your effort over time, by working on breathing and difficulty management.

Games of concentration and strategy are also welcome. Like petanque, bowls and other puck games.

Nordine Attab’s advice

Enjoy your practice. At no time should this be synonymous with constraint.

Your practice should never be an additional stress load. To do this, organize your schedule properly.

Be careful not to overdo it. Your session should never be too long and/or too hard. This is an outlet but should not be a great additional fatigue for your body.

Consider varying your practices. Because even a popular sport practice can become a constraint in the long term.